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A template for Twine-like hypertext using inkle's ink scripting language



Programming, Audio, Level Design - First-person jetpacking to destroy mega-corporate advertisements


Handgun Hoedown

Audio, Programming, Production - Local-multiplayer Western shoot-em-up

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20,000 views on Itch.io I Can't Even

Over the past three years I’ve published 7 games to Itch.io under the name Wickedly, and yesterday I and everyone who worked on those projects passed 20,000 views lifetime, and HECK that’s a big number, so I wanted to celebrate and also look into what I’ve learned so far.

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Hi! It me!

I’m Ethan Thibault and I’m a creative problem-solver - I help produce games and other projects with a passion for helping everyone do their best work so the world can see it.

I’m an about-to-graduate senior at Fitchburg State University majoring in Game Design with a minor in Professional Writing. I’m an experienced marketing intern after interning at FableVision Studios and Viewpoint Creative in Boston, Massachusetts.