Ethan Thibault

Hi! I’m Ethan Thibault and I’m a storyteller and creative problem-solver - I produce games and other projects, make my own games, write stories and essays, and frequently take on new projects. I love helping teams find their vision and execute it in the best ways possible - I have a passion for getting things done and seeing creative projects flourish.

I’m currently a senior at Fitchburg State University majoring in Game Design with a minor in Professional Writing. I’m an experienced marketing intern after interning at FableVision Studios and Viewpoint Creative in Boston, Massachusetts.

As part of my minor I’m currently helping re-launch Fitchburg State’s literary magazine Route 2. My writing has been featured on Gamasutra and the FableVision Studios blog. I curate small and interesting games on my Tumblr Quick Bites and help curate the narrative category for the Boston Festival of Independent Games.

Where to find me:

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