Hey! I'm Ethan and I'm a writer who sometimes makes cool stuff. I love tinkering with tech, playing drums, and walking in the woods.

I'm currently a technical writer and data analyst in biotechnology, where I use cool tools and automation to write better documentation, faster. Before that I worked in marketing for higher education, and I went to school for game design and project management.

I'm a creative problem-solver - I'm passionate about helping people do their best work through information architecture, down-to-earth processes, and candid communication.

I don't really belive in the social internet anymore, but someday this site will be for me to write more often! For now, I write blog posts sometimes:

I'm very lucky to get to work on awesome projects when I can. Here are some favorites:

  • ROCK & ROLL - A musical TTRPG about making the band of your dreams with your friends and experiencing all the highs and lows of life on-stage and off. Kickstarted as part of Zine Quest 2019.
  • Embers Falling - A small TTRPG about power and duty for a stranded mech crew made for Emotional Mecha Jam 2019.
  • JetHack - First-person jetpacking to destroy mega-corporate advertisements made for Global Game Jam 2018.
  • Atleta - A hand-drawn sailing interactive fiction adventure made for Global Game Jam 2016 that someday will get a sequel.
  • Shallow Circuits - I wrote a cyberpunk soundtrack about the princess of the cyber-empire and haven't written any music as cool since.

Some of My Favorite Humans:

Where to find me: