Favorite Video Essays of 2018

[Embed Heavy] Featuring the Broccoli Tree, The Hobbit, failure, audio design, magic, childhood trauma, and being PRETENTIOUS™.

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2018 Media Retrospective

[Image Heavy] I’ll never remember everything, and there’s little things that I can’t fit into these categories, but here’s a retrospective of all the input I took in this year, all the thoughts I let invade my head to try and quiet it down a little bit, or conversely, wake up from a deep dream….

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Make Monday the First Day on Your Calendar, You Cowards

Alternate headline: Change This One Thing to Make Your Life WAY Easier! Or else!

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Leave No Trace - Review

‘We’re wearing their clothes, we’re in their house, we’re eating their food, we’re doing their work,’ mourns Will (Ben Foster) in Debra Granik’s new film about the sanctuary found in isolation.

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Why I Quit the Game Industry Before I'd Even Begun

Unless the game industry changes its labor practices, I have no intention of ever entering the game industry, and I believe that many other people will reach the same conclusion, leading to a labor crisis.

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If I Gave a Valedictorian Speech

So I graduated from college yesterday which is a whole thing and I’m feeling lots of things, but during the seemingly interminable commencement exercises was a particularly interesting moment for me. Our valedictorian spoke for a solid five minutes, and I can not tell you what they said. They opened with thanking the elder wizards...

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Sea of Thieves

'Sea of Thieves' Let Me Turn Into a Monster for a Weekend

My family on my dad’s side are a bunch of nautical nerds. When Rare announced “Sea of Thieves” a while ago, my interest piqued immediately, and with the opportunity to jump into the “final beta” over the weekend I got some of what I always wanted, but also a bunch that I didn’t.

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20,000 views on Itch.io I Can't Even

HECK that’s a big number.

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