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2023-01-25 // My Must-Have Witcher Mods

I adore The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, but to pretend that it can’t be improved is silly. I put off a replay until the “next-gen” patch released - complete with Icarian performance issues - but knew I wasn’t going to go into it without some quality of life fixes and tweaks. The game is simply too massive, too big a commitment, to go through all the friction all over again. Agreeably, that friction is part of the romance of The Witcher 3 the first time around, but we’re here to visit old friends and slip back into familiar, muddy boots, not to play the way I did the first time around: an hour or two a day for almost six months, becoming a Witcher and doing a few objectives a day like it was my job.

2023-01-01 // Media Retrospective 2022

We’re back doing one of these! A surprisingly earnest year with lots of adventure.

2021-11-23 // The Great Blue Hill

Thanksgiving as a holiday has been having a slow-motion reckoning over the years, somewhat alongside Columbus in all of his fuckery. In celebration, in a friend’s Discord server someone casually dropped Native Land Digital, a not-for-profit that superimposes indigenous nation territories onto the world as we definitely don’t know it today, without standard state and country borders and topographical information only. Being from Massachusetts I’ve always been surrounded by Indigenous American culture in the exact way that makes it sadly invisible.

2019-12-28 // Media Retrospective 2019

That’s right, we’re doing one of these EVERY year. Featuring: communist witches, superhero ennui, hot scots, and the answer to what part of you your cat will eat first when you die.

2018-12-28 // Media Retrospective 2018

I’ll never remember everything, and there’s little things that I can’t fit into these categories, but here’s a retrospective of all the input I took in this year, all the thoughts I let invade my head to try and quiet it down a little bit, or conversely, wake up from a deep dream.

2018-03-13 // 'Sea of Thieves' Let Me Turn Into a Monster for a Weekend

My family on my dad’s side are a bunch of nautical nerds. When Rare announced “Sea of Thieves” a while ago, my interest piqued immediately, and with the opportunity to jump into the “final beta” over the weekend I got some of what I always wanted, but also a bunch that I didn’t.