If I Gave a Valedictorian Speech

Not that they asked but WHAT IF THEY DID.

Sea of Thieves

'Sea of Thieves' Let Me Turn Into a Monster for a Weekend

My family on my dad's side are a bunch of nautical nerds. When Rare announced "Sea of Thieves" a while ago, my interest piqued immediately, and with the opportunity to jump into the "final beta" over the weekend I got some of what I always wanted, but also a bunch that I didn't.


20,000 views on Itch.io I Can't Even

HECK that's a big number.


Preservation Society: SWAT 4

It's 1:35 AM (real-world) when I run the scenario for the tenth time. I just can't get it right; too many people always get hurt.


Video in Video Games: The Past, Present, and Future of FMV

Full-Motion Video (alternatively referenced as "Live Action") has been a part of video games for a long time, with a bizarre history.


Meta-Play: Going Beyond the Game

Meta-Play is the phenomenon of when players create and enforce their own extra, external rules and rule-sets onto an existing game so as to fundamentally change how and why they play.


Let's Not Call Them 'Games': Changing Vocabulary So Everyone Can Play

There is no one formal definition of what a game is, but there are many societal expectations of what they are, and are not.


Preservation Society: Civilization III

Unlike it's more stately sequels, "Civilization III" is about where we came from in the primordial sense; it's about surival, and not much else.

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