HuntFell (2018)

HuntFell is an isometric action-adventure about slaying your way through an abandoned manor to uncover its secrets. Explore the darkness using elemental weapons and piece together the truth behind the fell beasts that remain.

As a novice monster hunter you’ll explore the manor, fight monsters, read journal entries left behind by the manor’s former inhabitants, and equip special elemental modifiers to your weapons that will aid you in solving puzzles in the environment and fighting special enemies. The story will be revealed, and you’ll have to reckon with its fatal consequences in a climactic encounter.

Roles: Lead Producer, Sound Designer, Narrative Designer

Team Size: 22

Project Length: 4 months, Full-time

For my final class at Fitchburg State University, our Game Studio capstone, I worked with our professors to re-design the course to fit the 18-person team — the largest class of Game Design graduates yet at FSU — and then acted as Lead Producer for not only our main project, HuntFell, but for an additional project, the VR pizza-making game Pizza Time.

For HuntFell my production duties included traditional project management — task management, facilitating meetings, documentation, and working out various processes, problems and direction with all our departments — as well as operational tasks like planning to show the games at events like PAX East and Fitchburg State’s VISIONS student art show, maintaining the office, and coordinating with various university departments.

I also did sound design, working with musicians and another sound designer from Berklee College of Music to implement audio into HuntFell and Pizza Time, using the Unity plugin Fabric and making some sound effects from scratch.

Lastly I also contributed to the narrative design of HuntFell, supervising the narrative unit and later writing some of the in-game journal entries the player can discover to flesh out the story that surrounds the space, and coordinating with level design as to where these would be placed and found.