Atleta (2016)

Atleta is a hand-drawn sailing adventure made for Global Game Jam 2016 about a young woman coming of age by sailing to four islands and learning the truths of the sea.

Roles: Writer, Sound Designer, Original Music

Team Size: 4

Project Length: 48 hours

For our first Global Game Jam the theme was “rituals”, and we knew we didn’t want to do a traditional entry. Inspired by Ursula Le Guin’s Earthsea stories and Failbetter’s Sunless Sea I pitched a short exploratory interactive fiction about a teenage girl going through the rituals that would make her an adult in her island nation.

In the hectic 48 hours of Global Game Jam I wrote an approximately 5,000-word non-linear script, composed three pieces of original music, found sound effects, and implemented a zone-based audio solution so each piece of music could correlate with the different islands.

Atleta is one of the more humble pieces I’ve made, but also is something I’m incredibly proud of. It represents closest what kinds of games I’m interested in — story-telling through spatial exploration and choices-based interactive fiction.