Dear Miserable You (2015)

Dear Miserable You is a short experimental Twine about self-care and perspective - write a short letter from the future to your miserable self.

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Dear Miserable You was my first Twine project I ever finished and published online. It’s not a traditional interactive fiction, instead is more what I’ve seen called an “alt-game” or a “non-game” — it is a hypertext experience where you write a letter to yourself by changing variable text on each screen. As it goes it turns from an exercise in venting about your day to re-assuring yourself that everything will get better, and ends with compartmentalizing your negative feelings and assigning them to your “miserable self” — the letter you’re writing now is from the future you.

I was inspired after seeing artist Kara Stone give a presentation at the Boston Festival of Indie Games about what games could do other than entertainment, using her work Medication Meditation as an example. It was a very powerful moment for me, and I definitely wanted to attempt to follow up on the inspiration and make something small, intimate, and maybe even useful.