Death Does Something Nice (2017)

Death Does Something Nice! is a comedy twine about Death meeting a quota. Donate blood, write obituaries, help deliver a baby!

This is the sequel to Satan Does Something Nice!, though you don’t have to have played that game first!

Play Death Does Something Nice!

I always knew I wanted to make a sequel to Satan Does Something Nice!, which is one my earliest and most favorite Twines I’ve made, and I wanted to stay in the same realm of dark, bizarre comedy and very specific episodic branch structure.

After the death of Terry Pratchett, I was reminded of Lindsay Ellis’ work deconstructing his version of the character of Death - his listless ennui and sympathetic portrayal in particular. With that in mind I wrote a couple of micro-stories and put them together into Death Does Something Nice!, which still makes me laugh, despite its very esoteric humor.

The absolutely marvelous cover art was done by my partner-in-crime Emily Muller.

Death Does Something Nice! was shown at Fitchburg State University’s VISIONS 2017 juried student art show.