Friender Bender (2016)

“Backseat drivers finally have an outlet for their frustration”
- PC GAMER Best Free Games of the Week

“A superb piece of local multiplayer sabotage.”
- Free Game Planet

Friender Bender is a local-multiplayer sabotage driving game where up to 4 players take turns controlling 1 car, screwing each other over with power-ups and deliberately terrible driving. If the player crashes while driving, they lose a life. If they lose all of their lives, they’re eliminated. The last player left driving is the winner!

Roles: Producer, Sound Designer, Marketing

Team Size: 7

Project Length: 3 months

Friender Bender was developed as an independent study class for myself and the six other members of the team. We wanted to make something bigger and more ambitious than we had before, and we succeded — 5 cars, two levels, and up to 4 players. We had also never made something so “arcade-y”, and that was a major push for all of us. The game was based off of an idea called “Sabotage Rally” from episode 26 of “Cool Games Inc.”, a podcast that multiple people on the design team personally loved and suggested ideas from.

After securing us the independent study, my job was to organize and manage the team, which was the biggest I had handled at the time, create and implement sound design, and create a small marketing campaign around the game. I found the person who originally sent in the idea to “Cool Games Inc.” and got their approval, then approval from the hosts of the podcast; took screenshots and recorded gameplay to cut into a trailer; and secured small reviews from PC Gamer and Free Game Planet, as well as social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. Friender Bender has been viewed over 8,500 times, and downloaded almost 1,500 times.