Handgun Hoedown (2017)

Handgun Hoedown is a local multiplayer Western game for having a hoedown with handguns!

Get to a gun as quickly as possible and shoot your fellow cowboy right between the eyes - if you haven’t got a revolver, run for your life or punch one right out of their hands! The first cowboy to three kills wins!

Roles: Producer, Sound Designer, Programmer, Original Music

Team Size: 3

Handgun Hoedown was developed in Unity over 6 weeks, based off of a prototype the other two developers, Kenny and Chris, had made in a class together. They were looking to create a small game over the summer and approached me for help with production; I suggested they take that aforementioned prototype to the next level. We bought a low-poly 3D model asset pack and then re-wrote and re-redesigned the prototype from scratch, adding controller support, original music, a polished UI, and multiple levels.

My role on the project at first was to organize and motivate, offering design advice and project management. Later in production I jumped into programming, character animation implementation, and audio design including making original music. The product is a small but polished student shoot-em-up, with a small marketing campaign that has garned 4,000 views and more than 1,000 downloads on Itch.io.