Producer and Writer

ink-soaked (2018)

ink-soaked is a template for Twine-like hypertext using inkle’s ink scripting lanuage.

Inkle’s incredibly powerful syntax for writing interactive fiction is one of my favorite tools I’ve used in the past few years, and I was delighted to find out that Inkle’s own IDE, inky, has a feature for spitting out a JavaScript-based port of your ink script. However, it adds text additively, making stories into endlessly scrolling affairs that aren’t great to read and don’t have the tactile, page-turning “feel” of a Twine.

So I created ink-soaked, which is a side project for me to both learn JavaScript and create a tool for creating web-based, reactive, and accessible interactive fiction. So far I have implemented the ink tag system as a way of formatting, created a new CSS sheet for the best possible typography on any screen, and have created a few other toggle-able settings to allow anyone to create dynamic, interesting interactive fiction.

I’m currently writing my first story using ink-soaked, and hope to have it out soon, along with a full “release” of the template for all to use.

For total transparency, I needed a cool icon for this project but I didn’t make it! It’s called “Drop” by Creative Stall via The Noun Project.