Outerworld Image (2016)

“You know, to remind you of the good times when you were inside a weird, pink game world, and not in this overwhelming collapsible reality.”
- Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Outerworld Image is a surreal meditative photography game. Walk around a neon planet at your leisure; take photos that can be saved and shared; listen to some calming music.

Roles: Producer, Sound Designer

Team Size: 5

Project Length: 4 months

Outerworld Image was a bizarre and challenging project to work on. In a classic case of over-scoping, we originally intended to create a first-person monster photography game with environmental storytelling. After a few weeks of development we realized our folly and pivoted; that didn’t work, so we pivoted again and with only a few weeks of time left we created our first “alt-game” — a game with no set objective or win condition, but with some weird and pleasant visual and sound-scapes.

The game was my crash course in scope and wrangling a project that has gone way off the intended path. Despite its rushed finish and non-traditional format, the game was received well, and was featured in Fitchburg State University’s VISIONS 2016 juried student art show, and got a short write-up in Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s “Best Free Games of the Week” feature.