SKÓGUTH (2015)

“With your one bullet, and a neat visor effect that reminds of Metroid Prime and Halo. Really, you’ll explore. You’ll conjure a story from the various details in the environment, including this Easter Island statue-y thing, and some interesting piles of little stones.”
- PC GAMER’s Free Games of the Week

SKÓGUTH is a short, atmospheric first-person experience about hunting an ancient god. It has three endings, unsettling sound design, and a lot of fog.

Roles: Producer, Sound Designer, UI Designer

Team Size: 3

Project Length: ~2 months

In freshman year Connor Botts and I wanted to get to making games immediately, and so started a small project outside of classes to learn what we could. The product of that is SKÓGUTH, a short first-person horror experience about “hunting an ancient god”, inspired by the forest god in Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke and the simplicity of freeware game RED AMAZON.

It was our first game, so it’s small and kinda silly, but we got a positive reaction, including a write-up in PC Gamer’s “Free Games of the Week” column and some frightened YouTubers. SKÓGUTH has reached 2,300 views and almost 750 downloads on — not bad for the first proper game we had ever made.

My personal contributions were level design, sound design (my favorite part being the monster sound which almost never fails to freak people out), a bit of coding, and working with our artist and friend Delton Hulbert for the art direction of the game.